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Because~    This is pretty much a sum up from the whole first season of Gw2 and I love it <3 


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You have just laid eyes on my profile ID, So now i'll have to compansate by adding info about myself eh?

Let's give it a go then shall we? .3.

Ahem, ...

Hi, I'm Joshua, Or like most people used to call me, Cobra!
(mainly because I was an ace xeno and used to spook my friends... Teheheh
Also... because I used to yell out COOOOooooobraaah commaaaandaaaah aswell... go figure...

I've been playing games ever since I was a wee lad, from back on the N64, The Game boy/cube, PS1 and 2 and then up to the wii and xbox 360, and now i'm at pc .3.

I also enjoy a long range of Role playing and Anime/manga's :dummy:


Which I feel like listing!

My top 10 games:
1.Okami ~ (Go Amy!)
2.Metroid Prime 1,2 and 3 ( Pew pew p-Wait...lemme scan ya.... Ok, let's start again, Pew pew!)
3.Pitfall the lost/great expedition (Who ya gonna call? Quickclaw Quickclaw!)
4.Rayman 3 (Reflux Makes me feel slightly dizzy o3o)
5.Soul reaver 1 and 2: Legacy of Kain. (WE NEED MORE SOOOOOUUUULSSS!)
6.Dragon Quest 9: Journey of the cursed king. (COR BLIMEY GUV)
7.Ratchet and Clank 1,2,3 and gladiator. (Look at that lombax go!)
8.Prince of persia: Sands of time, Warrior Within, The two thrones: (Getting sand in places you wouldn't want sand to be...)
9.Crash bandicoot. (GODDAMNIT I FORGOT A BOX!)
10.Spyro The dragon. (You had me at Lava filled Inca temple)

(Timesplitters 1,2 and future perfect aswell, IT'S TIIIIME~ TO SPLIT!)

Top anime's atm:
1.Code Geass. (All hail Brittania!)
2.Black butler. (He simply is....One HELL of a butler....)
3.Hellsing (ultimate) (Releasing restraint level 0)
4.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. (Believe in the me! That believes in you!)
5.Fairy tail. (We are the number one guild!)
6.One piece. (I'll be the pirate king!)
7.Noragami. (For just 5 yen... I'll make any wish come true!)
8.Soul Eater. (DEATH CHOP!)
9.No game no life. (Episode 6....Episode 6... Episode 6...)
10.Naruto shippuden. (filler, filler, filler, filler, filler... OOOH orochimaru!)

(secret add in: Let's not forget Angel Beats mkay?)

Fullmetal alchemist, FMA: brotherhood.
Black bullet.
Murder princess.
mekaku city actors.
magi the kingdom of magic.
wolf's rain.
kill la kill. (tbh i loved this one to pieces but i didn't know where to put it in the list)
a certain scientific railgun.
Dragon ball z
yu-gi-oh.... this one counts right?
summer wars.
lucky star.
Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
jojo's bizarre adenture.
Panty and stocking with garterbelt. (PSG) (liked this one's unique style aswell xD frigging love scanty and kneesocks)
Giant Robo - The Day The Earth Stood Still.
sayonara zetsubou sensei.
Nichijou.(my ordinary life in a nutshell.)
Death note.
black rock shooter.
Attack on titan.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Anime movies (in production)
1.Vampire hunter D Bloodlust.

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